About GrowMyKudi
GrowMyKudi is a fun way to learn about trading without the monetary risk or technical terms that confuse people.
Our goal is to provide a simple, user-friendly and responsive platform for beginners and investment enthusiasts to place virtual trades, get investment education and have fun. Trade with your virtual portfolio while having a feel of the actual market experience in real-time. All amount traded or gained are virtual, not real.
Why GrowMyKudi
Nearly 80% of millennials are not involved in the stock market, according to a new Harris poll commissioned by investing app Stash. Why? More than 40% said they feel they don't have enough money, 34% said they don't know-how, while 13% specifically blamed student debt.
GrowMyKudi will provide a platform beginners and investment enthusiasts get valid investment education and place virtual trade. It is an interesting way of learning to make money with a virtual portfolio using real-time data. Users of GMK also get to grow their portfolio with a feel of the real stock market.
The benefits that come with the aforementioned includes, a real-time experience of an actual stock market environment, an easier way to learn about stocks and prepare for investment using a real environment.
GrowMyKudi is a simple user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate. You will have a splendid time on it.
About InfoWARE
InfoWARE solution is a comprehensive family of solutions that provide best-of-breed functionality, complete integration, scalability, ease of use and cost effectiveness. You the client get to pick and choose the solutions you want deployed in your organization. Our objective from the onset is to ensure that our clientele is provided with the cutting edge in today’s competitively minded business environment to solve their unique challenges. Our software solutions are customized to suit each individual client needs and can be further customized after delivery by each client to fit their business processes.